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Kitten needing rehomed *SOLD*
Kitten needing rehomed *SOLD*
May 18, 2024
  • Age 5 months
  • Ready to leave Now

This beautiful little kitten named Luna is unfortunately going to need re homed. She has caused no issues whatsoever and has been absolutely perfect. She loves a stroke down her head (will probably make her fall asleep) however she can also be very playful, she loves chasing a laser pen and a piece of string. We would’ve loved to keep her but unfortunately I have discovered I have an allergy and I won’t be able to keep her anymore. Needing a new loving home.

She is 5 months old her birthday is July 25th. She is litter trained already and she is an indoor cat, should not be let outdoors.

We also have many things that could go with Luna if you are interested, there is a bed, some toys, and a cat climbing tower, photos can be supplied if needed.

Please give me a text if interested or with any further questions, thank you.

Just Luna alone is £150

With all her things it’s £200

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