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Naturally Fed, 10 Week Old Kittens. Please read description. Only 3 Left!
Naturally Fed, 10 Week Old Kittens. Please read description. Only 3 Left!
Jul 25, 2024
  • Age 10 weeks
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*Please read the description in full and leave a message or call to let me know if you feel you are suitable to take on a furry friend and don't forget to check below to see which kittens are still available.* Thank You.

Meet Goldleaf who is my beloved cat (picture 5). Goldleaf has given birth to 4 healthy kittens and I am proud to have had the opportunity to raise these beautiful creatures and will ensure all kittens are entrusted to a loving and caring new owner.

All kittens (2 male, 2 female) have shown brilliant growth and development since birth, as their mother has been fed natural human grade food diets, such as: Fresh boiled chicken, minced beef or liver, mixed with tinned mackerel, pilchards or sardines on a daily basis. This diet has also been adopted by my kittens to ensure a healthy future for them too.

My cats and kittens are only ever fed dry food occasionally, as dry food is proven to place a strain on the kidneys of an animal when fed this on a regular basis as the kidneys are deprived of the natural moisture which is absent in dry foods. However moisture is naturally occurring in wet food, which prevents this ailment from developing.

On the seldom occasion they are fed with dry food (as a snack) then I use encore, Canagan or brands that promote high natural food content with as little preservatives as possible.

The ideal future companion for my kittens will be someone who will be passionate about the nutritional health and well being of their pet by providing natural home made meals on a daily basis to prevent the common ailments suffered in many cats and dogs which resemble that of human health problems, typically caused by poor nutrients provided in the shockingly poor: 4% to 14% 'meat by products', 'animal digest', and horrid rendered 'farm waste' meats placed in the majority of processed cat and dog food products found in all of our local supermarkets.

Therefore I would encourage any loving cat or dog owner to invest in making their own inexpensive but nutritional pet food from the convenience of their own kitchen.

This natural diet ensures a soft and healthy coat for your pet including other health benefits such as relief from digestive issues, prevention of inflammation of the intestines; prevention of rapid spread of tooth decay due to poor nutrition, including foul smelling breath and stools.....the list goes on!

In the long run should save you thousands of pounds of unnecessary vet bills making huge profits from your unhealthy animal but ultimately allowing you to retain more years with your pet companion as they're bound to live longer.

If you are serious about providing a kitten with a permanent home as well as a natural and nutritious daily diet please feel free to contact me via email with your interests. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Both mom and kittens have been wormed using Drontal film coated tablets, flead using 'Fiproclear' flea spray and are all litter trained.

Picture 1 Longhaired Black and White boy


Picture 2 Shorthaired Black and White boy (available)

Picture 3 Longhaired Ginger Black and white Girl (available)

Picture 4 Longhaired petite Black and White Girl (available)

Picture 5 Mom (Not for sale)

If you are interested in the 'Longhaired Ginger Black and White girl', then we are ideally searching for someone who would purchase her along with one of the black and white kittens as all kittens regardless of their colour are seeking forever homes. Unfortunately we are not just only selling white kittens but are selling kittens of all colours, this includes black too! Thank you.

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